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All sissies and sluts get humiliated by their Mistress. It is femdom cams 101 and the strict Mistresses on this webcam site really do take no prisoners. They are sadistic, cruel and heartless when it comes to dishing out the humiliation and degradation and heaping it on their unfortunate, suffering slaves.

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If you are a submissive sissy maid or sissy slut then there is an online mistress available here who will completely and utterly degrade and humiliate you for her own amusement and leave you a broken heap on the floor.
There are dozens of dominant females available 24/7 and no matter what type of superior woman you dream and fantasise of serving, she can be found on here and what is more, each one loves nothing better than ridiculing their sissy slaves and turning you into a humiliated sissy maid or a prissy sissy slut.

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Thy love to make you curtsey, parade around mincing for them. Sometimes they might have you put a book on your head to make sure you have the correct posture and that you walk properly. Nothing is deemed too far or too extreme for these dommes and they will force you to do anything that comes to their head.
Such as curtsey. Men bow. Sissy maids curtsey for their superiors so you will be made to practise your technique. One foot behind the other and hold the edge of your maid’s uniform or prissy dress. Bend your knees outwards and lower yourself to the ground while leaning forward. If you do not do it correctly, you will need to do it again. And keep doing it till you get it right.

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The powerful women will sit and snigger at you as you struggle to get it done properly to their impossibly high standards and will laugh at you as you start to fatigue but still they will make you do it over and over again. Sometimes they make you do it with a heavy book on your head. Or if you have one, they will make you apply a posture collar to keep your head straight.
Maybe they want you to clean for them? All dominant females demand cleanliness from their sissy and the Dommes online are no different. They will make you get on your hands and knees and scrub the floor. Maybe they will make you use a toothbrush. OR maybe they will have you clean the toilet and for added humiliation, they will force you to do it with your tongue.

Every inch of the rim and pan will be licked clean and be spotless before they are satisfied. It will be deeply humiliating for you but they do not care one little bit.
Another favourite task is anal training. Nothing says humiliation for a sissy than being made to take a big fat cock up your slutty ass so being made to bend over, pull your panties down, spread your cheeks and shove a huge dildo up your fuck hole is deeply embarrassing. Pumping it in and out like a good slut harder and harder and faster and faster.

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Maybe she will decide to degrade you further and make you go for ass to mouth and suck it clean? Blowjob training for sissies is another popular task that strong femdom webcam ladies heap on their submissives. They will make you deep throat that dick like no tomorrow. By the time they are finished with you, you will be a champion cock sucker. You will be ready to be pimped out as a cheap face fuck and turned into a cock sucking, cum guzzling queen in no time!
Some of the Dommes like to do public humiliation. They will have you dressed as the slut or sissy you are and then make you go to a self-service gas station and use the pumps or walk to the end of your street and back. Some of the more extreme dominatrix hosts will make you go into a store for cucumbers and condoms.

Public shaming of sissy is something lots of Dommes do and is a particular favourite of most of them.
You can use the free sissy cam chat facility that is available to talk to the dominatrix and tell her what areas of BDSM interest you and you can then have her tailor a session to suit. They are all highly experienced and have deep knowledge of female domination so they can give you a mind-blowing session filled with humiliation tasks that will leave you wondering where that came from!Keep up to date with our domination cams online
If you are a sub sissy or a prissy sissy maid, log on now and be ready to be ruthlessly humiliated and totally degraded by your superior mistress